Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Second Chance at a New Beginning

Apparently I won't be avoiding the cliche in my new and improving life.

Nearly a year ago I began this blog to try and chronicle the change I wished to see in my life. However, due to circumstances that coincide with a study abroad program, stressful schoolwork and minor life crises, I never posted past the introduction. My current circumstances find me in a very different place and once again I find myself in need of an outlet and an inspiration. It is the summer before my senior of college. I am jobless, boyfriend-less and in spiritual straits. In a month I will be moving back to Massachusetts to finish school with a degree in British Studies. I will be living off campus in a house with a few other girls, taking 18 credits a semester, paying rent, learning ballet and generally worrying about life after the tassel.

Yet even with all of those things, I know I can be happy. I just think I've forgotten how. Or at least have let my fear and insecurities take over. Yesterday I realised that this time I needed to actually make the commitment to the things that will help change this: exercise, healthy eating, good friends and the confidence I thought I lost.

I'm sure to anyone who reads this it won't make any sense but hopefully over time it will unfold a little more.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Beginning

I'm not sure where this Blog will take me. It is going to be part journal, part spiritual chronicle, part cook book and part healthy living track. The title, Project Solomon, is derived from the idea that our bodies are temples and the greatest temple was built by King Solomon. 
The structure of this blog will be very personal, a one-sided conversation, if you will. I used to have a friend who I would email on a daily basis, and I hope for this to follow the same sort of system.